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Friday 17 February 2012

The Friday Five: Martini Glasses

One thing I've noticed while reading The Boy and His Poison is what an extensive collection of glassware that Nick has. There are all sorts of martini vessels in his photographs and frankly, I need to up my game. Here are some martini glasses for the Friday Five.

Who wouldn't want to drink scorpion sting martinis? They're by the always excellent (and slightly creepy) Tina Tsang.

At first glance this Debenhams martini glass looks like a little plain, but I love the smoked glass running through the stem.

Oh, Heals. They're just gorgeous.

White glass? I think I like it.

I like this platinum rim from Brissi. Martinis would look excellent in this. Now all I have to do is convince Nick to play barman and make me drinks for me.

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