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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Tea Towel Tuesday: Magnotag Tea Towel

Tea towel hooks don't work. They're one of the most useless things in kitchen (second only to a garlic peeler - seriously, can't you do that yourself?)

This means tea towels fall on the floor. Probably right in the orange juice you've just spilled because you're a little hungover. This Tea Towel Tuesday is a little different. Most of the time, we're all about pretty tea towels with fun designs on them. This one, in comparison is rather plain.

Plain brilliant, is what it is. The Magnotag tea towel is as simple as it is clever. It's got a magic magnet tab which means when you throw it at something metal (like your fridge), it sticks! No need for those stupid hooks that do absolutely nothing. There are Magnotag oven gloves too. The gloves are £20, the tea towel £12, both from Suck UK. They've always got such good stuff, I'm sure could live in their shop quite happily.

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