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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Dream Dress: All White Now

I'm going to need to use Scotch Guard on these dresses. I spill and crumb. But there's something about crisp whites that's perfect for spring and as long as you don't go rolling about in the grass on your lunch break, you might just get to the end of the day looking fabulous.

This is my dream summer dress. It's all sexy and smart, and sexy and... oh, I bloody love it. It's £59.99 from MANGO. It's going in my wardrobe.

Oooh, hello. I'm not entirely sure where to start with this wrap dress. It's getting the thumbs up right away. I'm not sure if they're thumbs for the embellished sleeves, the sheer bits or the cracking cleavage. Or the fact it's only £45 from ASOS. I've run out of thumbs.

I do like this strapless dress from French Connection. Gorgeous cut so you won't be hitching it up all day (there's really nothing less sexy), and there's a nice bit of pattern on the bodice as well. It's £130, though. Why so pricey, FC?

Now, can someone teach me how to drink red wine without throwing it all over the place?

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  1. The ASOS one WILL BE MIIIIIIINE... *maniacal laughter*


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