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Wednesday 2 May 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Jen Moules

The wallpaper section at Bouf is excellent right now, but I had to show you these designs by Jen Moules. Her designs are different to the usual animal and nature motfis I've seen recently.

These purple birds are all cute and scraggly, without belonging in a kids' bedroom.

Who doesn't want goldfish on their walls?

How d'you like these apples? This is perfect kitchen wallpaper.

This feather wallpaper are cute as well. Just enough details to be interesting but they won't turn your living room into a aviary.

As much as I love Jen's designs, Bouf have been a little mischievous with their price outlines. I thought they were £34.99 a roll, but actually that's for the 1 metre panel. That could be handy for those smaller spaces, but I feel a bit cheated given that a 10 metre roll would be over £200. Sneaky, sneaky, Bouf. Very pretty, but very sneaky.


  1. I think a wall of those messy apples would make me smile.

  2. I've seen pricing like that for wallpaper before but only when it is a panel of a door or a telephone dox in a trompe l'oeuil style. I think for repeat patterned wallpaper pricing by 1m panel is very cheeky!!

    1. I don't mind that it's repeated - it's a repetitive pattern anyhow. It's more Bouf's sneaky price hiding that annoyed me. It's such gorgeous paper, though. I'm going to look for small spaces to put it when I've moved house.


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