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Thursday 13 September 2012

Animal House Kitchen Utensils

As much as I love to cook, there are still some jobs in the kitchen that feel more like a chore than enjoyment. Peeling potatoes is very definitely one of those jobs, but not if my peeler was a little monkey! Just look at that cheeky wee guy, hanging around, waiting to make the task of peeling those root vegetables infinitely more fun. You can find him and his chums at Habitat, (off the high street, yes, but they're still online) he's £4.

If you had a colander shaped like a fish you'd never flounder again while looking for something to drain potatoes in and you wouldn't be all at sea next time you cooked pasta. Ok, so the puns are terrible, but the colander's pretty great. For £12, you can splash around to your heart's content with your own angelfish.

This one takes a moment to register, I'll give you a second... Yes! It's a rooster measuring jug! I think the simplicity of this one makes it my favourite and at just £7, there's no need to chicken out of purchasing one for yourself. It measures in millilitres as well as cups, which kills two birds with one stone if you follow American recipes. 

After all that kitchen prep (and dreadful puns) you'll need a drink. Don't flap though, we've got that covered with this fantastic blue bird corkscrew. This rather proud looking chap is yours for £10, which is rather cheep, don't you think?

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