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Tuesday 11 September 2012

Teapot Tuesday: Pantone teapots

Printers blue or ketchup red? This is the question I've been asking myself since I clapped eyes on these Pantone teapots.

The blue teapot is glorious. Lots of things that are blue that are also quite brilliant (the sky is quite nice today, and I still have a bit of a crush on Duncan from Blue and also, I quite like borage). But I'm not sure that's enough, when compared to this red treat of a teapot:

There are LOADS of red things that are as ace as red teapots: Mars is definitely high up on the list, although the Curiosity Rover is helping with the PR somewhat. Red shoes are almost always fabulous and everyone likes Eton Mess, don't they?

So I'm pretty stumped. Both are £44.99 from The Gifted Penguin. Both are very excellent. I'm not allowed both. That's just silly. But I think I'm leaning slightly toward the red version.

Which do you like best? Why isn't there a bright green one?

1 comment:

  1. Well, it's pretty obvious to me, that you have a need for both those tea pots.
    However, few of us are lucky enough to have unlimited pocket money...
    So, in that case, I would say, follow your heart!
    I like both of them too...

    And, of course, you now need to save up, to get some of those great Pantone mugs that have been around this year - or your teapot will be lonely...


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