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Tuesday 11 September 2012

Sites we love: The Sous Chef

I do not think I could be any more excited than I am about this new website, The Sous Chef. This foodie haven is both an awesome online shop and a inspiring blog (called The Bureau of Taste) aimed to bring hard-to-find ingredients and interesting foods to the home cook along with  offering advice and recipes for dishes from around the world. Th Sous Chef was founded to fill the gap between professional kitchens and the home cook, offering all of us the chance to source unusual ingredients for our kitchen endeavours. The Sous Chef is my new favourite site and I have already lost hours just browsing through unusual ingredients and fantasising about state of the art kitchen technology.

Here you will find edible flowers, unusual salts, seaweed, and hard-to-find mushrooms. And if you want to get really technical you will find ice cream stabiliser, tartaric acid or agar agar strips. Plus there are some of the usual suspects such as soy sauce, fish sauce, goose fat and truffle oil. 

The equipment available from The Sous Chef ranges from the simple squeezy bottles that professional chefs on the telly use to add fancy sauces to their plates, to smokers, dehydrators and sousvide's. There are even chef's plating tweezers! Who knew?! Then there are the super cute Bento boxes all the way from Japan and the rather swish glass canape spoons if you are feeling particularly gourmet.

And if you want to get your Great British Bake Off on at home you can invest in this sugar turning kit to create beautiful sugar decorations for your baked goods.

Just reading through this website is I am becoming more aware and inspired by the sheer range of cooking techniques that I have yet to try. The possibilities with food are truly endless and The Sous Chef offers the opportunity to get really creative with your culinary experiences. If you are a fan of  cooking, experimenting or good quality kitchen appliances, The Sous Chef might soon become your new favourite site too. 

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  1. And the lovely lady behind it is also responsible for North 19, perhaps my favourite food blog.


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