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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Museums Showoff

Frances, our resident museum girl, is on holiday right now. If she was sat at her desk, rather than exploring caves in Turkey, I think she'd be telling you about Museums Showoff.

Museums Showoff is the kind of fabulous event that gets my brain whirring and my face smiling.

The event is the sister event to Science Showoff (I want tickets to that as well) and it runs along the same concept: it's an open mic night for investors, curators, librarians, collectors. Basically people who love museums whether they work in them or not.

You might get to see a show and tell from a collection, hear about ideas for new exhibitions or find out about exciting research that museums are doing. Or as the name might suggest, you might just find a little bit of showing off - history lessons, comedy sketches, as long as it's museum-based, anything goes. You'll get two hours of inspiring museum goodness and time to chat and have a beer.

The next season of events is about to start - first up at The Temple Bar in Brighton next Thursday, and then settling into their new home at The Wilmington Arms in London (admittedly not my favourite pub in the area, but certainly nice enough). There's no charge, but a donation of a fiver is suggested and it'll go to a charity chosen at that event.

Beer, learning, exciting artifacts, charity giving, museum excitement. I'm so there.

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  1. Ah yes, I'm now back from my cave and very excited about this. I can't make the one this week (can you all go and tell me all about it please?) but I'm all over the event in November.


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