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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Not so sew-sew: Haberdasher Me kits from Spinster's Emporium

In the world of crafty kits, all things are not equal. I want to make something I actually foresee using in real life (no, I don't want to make my own floral corsage, very much). I also want to learn some skill I could use again, should I venture out a creative odyssey of my own. In short, I want to make, not to make do. And I definitely want to make something using Spinster's Emporium's Haberdasher Me kits.

I found these in a rather roundabout way. I saw the above picture in a craft feature in the Australian mag Frankie. Truthfully, I was first captivated by the model's AMAZING hair and make-up. Then I looked down and realised how marvellous her sweater update was. I really like how it makes classic embroidery stitches look completely fresh. And how it makes a grey sweater look utterly adorable. So I googled the makers behind the feature, Spinster's Emporium, discovered they were based in Nottingham and then lost myself to their brilliant shop selling vintage fabrics, trimmings and wallpaper. And four brilliant little how-tos kits for £14.95 which actually includes the lovely design above, which I now know is called Kate.

Each of the kits contains material and an instruction booklet and is based around a different technique which you adapt for your own clothes pretty much as you'd like. So for Lou Lou you learn how to work with lace (with gorgeous vintage lace included in the kit).

Sarah teaches you all about applique and hand-embroidery.

And with Alexa you learn some neat fabric manipulation tricks.

With the focus on the skills, rather than the objects themselves, these kits should inspire some pretty creative clothes-embellishing. I think I want to try out the lace one next - how about you?


  1. This is my new favourite online store.

    1. High praise Amanda! I agree that it's very lovely indeed.

  2. I have been wanting to learn how to applique for ages - (rockets and dinosaurs on small t-shirts, god boys' clothes are DULL or HIDEOUS) and now I am super excited about it!

    1. Excellent! I think I'd quite like a rocket or a dinosaur on my T-shirts too, please.


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