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Monday 17 September 2012

Sites we Love: Custom Made

A little while ago, we ran a craft debate on the 'I could make that myself' cliche. It feels like there's a bit of a change going on in the craft world, particularly from consumers. There's so much craft out there - some of it excellent. But in a market that sometimes feels a little over-saturated with the same stuff, I think we want a bit of a change. We want original design, but we want to know where it came from and that's getting lost. We buy original craft and design because we have an emotional connection to it.

So what do you want Custom Made?

Custom Made feels a bit like a cross between Etsy and Kickstarter. You get in touch with the designers you like, you tell them what you want custom made and they make it for you. You can check out work they've done previously, and read reviews about what they're like to work with. You can compile you own little ideas board, adding notes to pieces so you can work out what you do and don't like. Have you ever flicked through a magazine thinking 'that would be lovely, if it wasn't for that bit'?

You can flip the process the other way as well - upload your project idea and let the designers come to you. Then once you've picked your designer, you can track the progress and feel like you're really part of the process even if you're thousands of miles away. They're only in the US right now but that doesn't stop you working with the designers, you'll just have to cover shipping. Here's hoping that Custom Made grows into something really special.


  1. There is a copyright issue here, it would be wrong to ask another maker to copy somebody else's design! even if changed slightly.

    1. Anon, the makers upload images of their work - you can ask them to change aspects of their designs.

  2. Hi there...thanks so much for writing about I would like to clarify something so there is no confusion. No maker on is going to copy a piece exactly. Just like a haircut or kitchen remodel, a customer may have a photo of something they like which can be tweaked and altered to make it their own. Often customers do want things copied exactly, but I assure you, the professional maker/artists on have no intention of copying anything exactly. They pride themselves on original, custom work. Every customer can rest assured they are getting something especially made for them, that is unique and one-of-a-kind.

    Also know that the makers and artists on create custom work for customers all over the world. They are more than happy to work with you, share the process, and have your finished piece shipped directly to you.

    We sincerely invite you to visit our website ( anytime. Browse around, maybe create an ideabook and just get inspired to someday create something awesome.

    Thank you so much Siamy for writing about and for the kind wishes.


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