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Tuesday 18 September 2012

Velvet & Dash

Velvet & Dash are actually an interior design company, so if you were looking for a swishy interiors boutique, you might not immediately notice the shop on the website. It's a small range, but it features pieces that the company obviously love, at prices that don't cause my eyes to bleed while I'm at my desk.

This gorgeous storage trunk is £34. I don't even know what to put in it, apart from your small child for wheelie races.

These crumpled tumblers are made to order by Emsie Sharp. They're such beautiful colours although they're £15 each, which is pricey not matter how pretty. You can also buy a matching litre carafe for £28.

There's a whole range of greyhound ceramics by Decori Nel Tempo. This mug is £15. That's a small price for cute greyhounds.

Bonus wallpaper! Velvet & Dash are also fans of Emma Molony's work. Her Beastly Chronicles wallpaper is £65 for a 10m roll.

That's pretty much it! Velvet & Dash know what they like and who they want to support and their shop is small but rather perfectly formed. I'm off to round up some small children.

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