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Friday 21 September 2012

Ghost Furniture

Complete one-offs, vintage but not quite falling into the 'country chic' category and a little bit quirky. That's how I like my furniture. It looks like my next house is going to be decorated entirely by Ghost Furniture.

Yes, I really want an bistro 'plat du jour' A-frame in my kitchen. I could scribble on it and tell people what was for tea. Even if it's just 'leftover takeaway' and 'fish finger sandwiches'. This board was rescued from a landfill and done up so beautifully. It's £150 now. I'm coveting this really quite hard.

Gosh this patisserie table is pretty. And it'll be handy when I go to Waitrose on a Sunday and buy ALL OF THE CAKES (get to the cake counter around 5:30pm and loiter until they get the little red stickers out). This will be my cake table*. It's £250.

Gosh, how scrumptious is this chair? It was found in a brocante, having seen better days. The gold detail on the back is gorgeous. It's pretty grand, but I think it'll work in most rooms. Dammit, I'll make it work. It's the priciest piece so far, though - it's £325.

Oooh, hello sexy shelving. My Ghost shopping list is getting pretty long now, but I don't think I could resist these shelves. That gold stripe! They were part of a dresser, but now I'd be tempted to put these in the kitchen.

Ghost Furniture is full of such scrummy pieces starting at £55 over on their Bouf shop. I've just picked all of the expensive stuff because it's Friday and that deserves imaginary spending for a house I don't actually own.

*Cake table is totally a thing.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I am truly flattered.
    Di Overton
    Ghost Furniture


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