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Friday 28 September 2012

Margate Just a Kiss Away

One of my favourite places is the English seaside. There's an enchantment about a pier in the rain, walking along a blustery beach hand in hand with someone you love, every year seaside towns become strange. Like they're missing something. Suddenly without the sunshine, the ice creams and the sunburnt people lining the beach, they're laid bare.

That's why winter is my favourite time to go to the beach.

Margate is already having a bit of a turn around - thanks, at least in part, to the curious Shell Grotto, and the wonderful B&B The Reading Rooms. Don't believe me about the Shell Grotto, look at this madness!

But it's probably Tracey Emin's influence that seems to be pushing our interest in the direction of East Kent (even if the Telegraph did say her exhibition with the Turner Contemporary earlier this year was 'bordering on irritating').

This cup and saucer (£25 from Culture Label) is the perfect reminder of windy beaches, rough tides and biting cold walks along the pier. Maybe Margate really is just a kiss away.


  1. Margate is an ace place to visit in winter - so much to explore. But the shell grotto was closed when I visited - apparently it only opens at weekends in winter. Oh well, another excuse to go back!

  2. Just to note - Margate is in East Kent ;-). Also, Ramsgate and Broadstairs are much nicer - towns and beaches x

  3. Don't agree ^ - Margate is amazing! Broadstairs is full of tourists and Ramsgate is up it's own bottom now it's been all done up, used to be horrid there ;-) Margate old town is fantastic and although the High St leaves a lot to be desired it's worth taking a walk up as in a few years it's going to be all change! Great junk shops round the back in Cliftonville as well. Love my hometown even though I'm now based in Brighton - going back to see the fam this eve as it so happens x

  4. I got asked by a man in Margate if seeing naked people turns me on. Interesting. However, the Turner Contemporary is wonderful with an amazing cafe!

  5. I am so pleased to see my little home being mentioned in a positive context! I have to be honest, it was fairly unpleasant to grow up in (seaside shops are cute but don't provide much in the way of employment outside the summer) but it really is having a turnaround. I mighthave to buy the cup! X Laura


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