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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper You Can't Mess Up

Now, I like the idea of wallpaper. I have my own place now, so I could happily slap it on every wall without a landlord withholding my deposit at the end of my tenancy. But oh god, it looks like such a faff. This guide to hanging wallpaper has 10 steps before you even hang the first length. I can already see the air bubbles, the glue on the floor and the mismatched patterns. Forget it, frankly.

Step forward Purldeco, who make self-adhesive wallpaper produced to your measurements. No cutting, no glue, no crying at the shonky mess you've made. It comes in all sorts of awesome finishes too. I can't decide if my favourite is the postcard one or the library one. I think the postcards win because I know I'd spend hours reading the old messages. The butterflies are incredibly striking, but unfortunately bring back memories of Damian Hirst's exhibition involving live butterflies that got TANGLED IN MY HAIR. Brrr.

You'll need to put in your measurements to work out the price, but they're all £54.40 per square metre. Not cheap for a whole room, but perfect for a feature wall or a cosy nook.

Still sound too much like trouble? Then have a look at Purldeco's self-adhesive wall clocks. You screw the battery operated hands to your wall (even I can manage that tiny amount of DIY), then stick the vinyl clock around it. Prices range from £25 for a basic clock to £80 for a 7 foot street clock.


  1. This sounds wonderful - I keep staring balefully at my walls wondering how I'm going to do anything to them at all!

    1. Same here. I might get the self-adhesive stuff, and still get a man in to stick it up. I don't trust myself at all.


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