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Monday 17 September 2012

Sluttery By Post: The Knicker Issue

Sluttery emails are not run of the mill. Case in point "Hey Sel, would you like some pants?" Of course I want pants. Who doesn't? And so it came to be that I came home the other day to find a small parcel on my doormat containing some very pretty pants indeed. They came from The Knicker Issue and I have to say, theirs is a concept I can get behind. The idea is that either for three or six months at a time or a whole year, they'll send you a random pair of fancy pants every month.
One of the best parts of this is the surprise. It's a little private treat just for you (and whoever you want to see your new fancy pants obvs!). You can control some elements such as specifying whether you like your knickers to be lacy or simple, colourful or classic. They also give you the option to opt out from thongs if they're not your thing. Sizes run from 8-18 and cover styles from high waisted vintage to French to bikini. I got a pair of slinky pink briefs with some cute but not fussy black bows and stitched detailing.

Price wise, you can get a one off pair for £18 or £48 for three months, £90 for six months and £168 for a year. That works out at £16, £15 and £14 per pair respectively. It might seem a bit pricey but think about how easily you can fritter away £16 on things like magazines and coffee and cocktails. Alternatively, bookmark this post and leave it in a handy place where someone you trust to take the hint can buy them for you!


  1. Blumin hek, that makes them the post expensive pants ever!!

    1. *most (not post!)

    2. It does, but if you know you've got a treat coming, maybe you'll spend less on other fripperies? That's how my brain works, anyway.


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