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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Capital adventures with Curiocity

Why aren't there kangaroos in London's parks? Which jazz venture has an extra shallow staircase because it was built specifically for Victorian stage elephants? These are questions I could never have predicted asking but now, thanks to Curiocity, I smugly know the answers.

Curiocity is a great idea. In its physical form, it's mini-magazine in the form of an A3 fold out map. Each map takes a different rough theme, and is covered with little fascinating tit bits about London. If you want to know even more, you can read more on the website where they give the snippets of information more space to expand and entertain. The latest issue, the second, is about animals. So I've learnt about a 1862 bit of street art featuring two mice, some of the mythical animals hiding away on London buildings and, as well as Pelican and Zebra crossings, I'm fully informed about what constitutes Panda, Toucan, Puffin and Pelican crossings too.

The map a great thing if you're a London dweller and you need something to kick you out of your been-there, done-that smuggery. If you're a visitor, picking up one of these would be a much more interesting way to explore the city than a conventional map. In my dream world, every city would have its own Curiocity map: it's perfect for fun wonderings and wanderings.

If you want to know the answer to all these questions - and more! - I advise ordering a copy immediately. It's just £2.75 including postage.


  1. Curiocity are AMAZING. Not only is the mag adorable, they do fantastic walks - we approached them to organise a cheese walk of London (for the day job) and it was so much fun.

  2. A cheese walk? That sounds like my idea of heaven...


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