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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Sluttery by Post: The Truckle Cheese Company

Truckle. It's one of the nicest words, isn't it? (Derived from the Latin for 'wheel', rather than 'cheese brilliance'). You know you're in for treats if someone mentions the word truckle. Truckle implies that you're not just getting a little bit of cheese, oh no. You're getting cheese that's all wrapped up and protected and looked after and will probably taste amazing. I think truckles remind me of Christmas. Perhaps it's their colour, but there's also something about sitting in front of the telly with a truckle of cheese all to yourself that's very Christmassy.

Thus, the word truckle makes me happy.

It shouldn't really be a surprise that The Truckle Cheese Company are getting me excited. I want to try ALL OF THE TRUCKLES! Their cheeses tend to be made from English cows milk, although you'll find a couple of goat's cheeses in their shop as well. Prices seem to be reasonable and rather dependent on weight. These aren't artisan cheeses (I'd head to Farmison for those), but if you're a fan of your cheddars then they're definitely worth a shot. I think people take cheddar for granted, but one of the simplest cheeses can often be one of the tastiest. I might always go for the brie first when presented with the perfect cheeseboard, but I'd definitely miss cheddar if is wasn't there.

Truckles from the Truckle Cheese Company start from £3.95 and I'm tempted to try every single one in the name of research and fantastic cheese dreams.


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