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Monday 17 September 2012

Ickle Bockles

I'll be straight with you, the name Ickle Bockles makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. But then dammit, I realised that the company is actually a brilliant idea. They sell sets of LITTLE BOTTLES (see how easy it was to say that like a grown up?) that are totally compliant with EU flight regulations.

If you've ever been stood in line at airport security wondering if your bottle of perfume is the right size, or if you're allowed your contact lens solution in your carry-on, you'll know how annoying it is when they take your bottles away and you have to buy more on the other side. There's always one that you forget about. Ickle Bockles might not be able to answer the 'is lip gloss a liquid?' question, but their little travel kits are ideal for trips away.

The flight-friendly Ickle Bockle Bank (for the love of GOD, why can't it be called something else?) is a very reasonable £10.50. Try your best to forget the name and fill them with your best toiletries. You'll never have to worry at airport security again.


  1. Prmiark also sell these and for a lot less than £10.50!

    1. Well you get the whole set for that. Primark don't come in much cheaper.

  2. Muji too - - and without the vomit-inducing name. Seriously, what were they thinking?! It's horrendous!

    As a general rule, if it's less than 100ml it's fine, all the bottles need to fit in a small plastic sandwich-sized ziplock bag and, yes, lip gloss (and lipstick and lip balm) counts as a liquid

  3. I had two clear plastic bags' worth recently and no one batted an eyelid. They did, however, stop my boyfriend because his wasn't sealed shut. Boots, superdrug etc also sell their own versions.

  4. I had to buy a stack of these at Gatwick after falling foul of this regulation last month (no way was I parting with my expensive sun cream, unwisely thrown in hand luggage at the last minute).

    The lovely chap at Boots confessed that they make a small fortune on the unbranded ones they sell - so this is a great idea!


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