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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Cute or Creepy: Melamine Butterfly Plates

Today I'm conflicted about plates (no, YOU'RE hungover and worrying about trivial things). Specifically these melemine butterfly plates from Rockett St George. They have all sorts of things going on that I really like: mega bright colours, butterflies, bold designs. Loads of ace stuff.

I'm just not sure if I want a MASSIVE BLOODY GREAT INSECT staring back at me while I eat my fish finger sandwiches.

They've just gone from really quite cool and cute to incredibly creepy in a pretty short space of time. They're probably reminding Sara of that time there was butterflies tangled in her hair. Butterflies are very unpredictable.

The designs are so beautiful, the bold colours are fab. I'm just not sure if massive insects really say fine dining (but then, no one has ever really 'dined finely' on plastic plates). On mugs, yes. Teapot? Perhaps. Plates? No.

What say you? Massive insect plates: cute or creepy? Love them or hate them, they're £24 and as much as I want to love them they're going to give me giant insect nightmares.


  1. Too reminiscent of the dream-eating moths in Perdido Street Station...gack! And if you haven't read PSS I recommend it :-)

    1. I've never heard of it, but now I'm intrigued!


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