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Tuesday 11 September 2012

Dream Dress: Zara Jewel Print Dresses

Zara have pretty much decided that we need to be more sparkly. First it was the studded shoes of amazingness, and now they're going a little post-modern with their new jewelled dresses. For all of their shiny bling, there isn't an embellishment to be seen.

It seems I'm all about the diamonds today. First diamond lightbulbs and now this jewelled dancing dress. (She needs to take those very 90s shoes off her feet, they're ruining it for everyone.) Here's a close up:

Look at all of the not really sparkling sparkle! Love. It's £69.99.

From a distance, you can't really tell what the pattern is. Actually, it looks a little bit Water Lilies. But then when you see the sequin dress up close...

YES. This is a fabulous print. So much better than actual sequins (they discolour, they fall off, they're a massive waste of time). This could well be the 'OH MY GOD I'M NEARLY THIRTY I NEED A NEW DRESS Birthday Dress'. Also £69.99.

Hang on a minute! This is a playsuit! This has no business being in a post about dresses! But look at the diamant√© prettiness! Besides, even online shops can't decide where playsuits should go (don't say 'in the bin', naysayers). Need more convincing? Here's what it'll look like if someone stood really close to your tits:

It looks pretty fabulous, actually. And it's the cheapest of the designs at £29.99 (and it'll also be the most nippy, you'll need a snuggly knitted cardi). Forget embellishments, screw diamant√© trims. I want jewel prints on everything, ta very much.

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