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Monday 10 September 2012

Homeware That's Too Good For Kids

So I generally steer clear of things meant for children because I'm small, have a penchant for tiny twee dresses, and was recently ID'd while buying liqueur chocolates. You have to be 16 to buy those. I am 32. I don't need accessories and accoutrements that add to the illusion I should still be in school.

However, kids homeware departments have recently dramatically upped their game. If you're looking to brighten up a room on a budget, or just have a deep and abiding love for things with bears on, you need to bypass the home decor floor and head straight to the children's department.

Cushion cover, H&M, £12.99
This knitted bear cushion cover is desparate to grace your sofa. He's got little leather ears and the happiest expression ever. The H&M kids homewear section is worth a poke around. You can get a fake fur cushion cover WITH FUZZY EARS for £7.99, or a happy fox pillowcase for less than a fiver.

Owl bathroom set, Zara, from £9.99
Zara have called this an 'urban bathroom set', presumably because they have some anti-owl agenda and want to thwart those of us eagerly hammering "OWLS" into every search bar they come across. Despite firmly labelling them a 'kids urban dispenser and tumbler', they'd fit very cheerily in my bathroom.
Salino rug, Zara, £19.99

More from Zara, and to make up for the white-on-white of the last picture, here's a rainbow rug that would brighten a plain bedroom. Zara has some really excellent homewear that won't break the bank. If you've got space for more cushions after buying all the H&M ones, Zara's cushions veer from cheery and colourful to spooky Alice in Wonderland style prints.

Toiletry bags, Graham and Green, £18
It's nice that Graham and Green think children use toiletry bags, but surely they can throw a toothbrush into their backpacks and be done with it? These Anorak cotton bags are coated with PVC and machine washable, meaning they're easy to clean when your eyeliner leaks all over it.

Any other kids departments we should be shopping in for ourselves?

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