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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Meet Mrs Owl and Mrs Squirrel

Oh look, another owl on Domestic Sluttery! I know, believe me, I KNOW. We're in danger of turning into a damn aviary. Owls on things are becoming a very specific version of putting a bird on it. But you see, owls can be wise. Owls can be fluffy and their heads turn and sometimes owls are afraid of the dark.

And then there's Mrs Owl. She lives in H&M. She's lovely. She's in a fancy hat and everything. Like she's going to an owl wedding. She's friends with Mrs Squirrel who has a little handbag to squirrel her nuts away. Squirrels already have the best outfits, now they're branching out into accessories as well.

Both cushion covers are £1.99. ONE POUND NINENTY NINE. You're only allowed to buy two, because they're amazing. Any more than that and you're not really playing by the rules. And your house is going to look a little like you're recreating The Animals of Farthing Wood and that's only cool if you invite me.

Nope, still not sick of owls.


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