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Thursday 20 September 2012

Win! Two tickets to our Prince Charles Cinema Screening of The NeverEnding Story

Next Tuesday is our screening of The NeverEnding Story at The Prince Charles Cinema, and we absolutely can't wait. We're also screening the winner of our female filmmaker competition, so you'll get to see an excellent short film before the main event. There might even be a NeverEnding Story themed cocktail or two. Tickets are selling quickly, but I distracted the guys at the cinema with a luck dragon and I've stolen a few to give away!

We're giving away a TWO pairs of tickets for the screening (travel not included, you'll have to book your own private planes). We picked The NeverEnding Story because it's one of our favourite films, so to win, you just need to leave us a comment below telling us YOUR favourite film. (Yes, your favourite film is allowed to be The NeverEnding Story, it's really really good.)

If you're on Twitter, you can also get an extra entry by following @DomesticSluts and tweeting the following:

I want to win tickets to the @DomesticSluts screening of The NeverEnding Story at @ThePCCLondon!

We'll announce the winners tomorrow at lunchtime, so you'll have to be quick if you want to win. Good luck everyone!

A small bit of small print:

The prize is for two tickets to the Domestic Sluttery Screening of The NeverEnding Story on Tuesday 25th September. The prize is non-transferable and you can't switch for another show or a cash prize. Travel isn't included in the prize, but we promise that you'll get excellent seats. Do come and say hello to us when you arrive, we'd love to buy you a drink. Please don't leave anonymous comments - we can't get in touch to give you your prize if you do that. Minstrels are our cinema snack of choice, feel free to buy us a packet.


  1. Think it's got to be Titus with the twin lovely aspects of Alan Cumming and Harry Lennix to feast on. Plus there is a pie made out of unrepentant rapists which is a great concept.

  2. I know you said one but I could never decide on one: Top 3: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Boat That Rocked, Annie Hall xx

  3. Neverending Story is my favourite film in the entire world, I watched it so much that I actually wore the VHS through. I'm now 26 and my Nana still calls me up in advance if she sees its going to be on TV so I can cancel all plans, and I still sob my heart out when Artex is in the swamp of sadness.

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  6. Is it possible to have only one favourite film? I think mine depends on my mood. When I'm feeling a bit under the weather only Beauty and the Beast will do. When I'm baking, I always have Star Trek on in the background. Dirty Dancing is a happy place for a girls night and Ghost always helps when I need a good cry. Saying that, I think my favourite film, the one film I can watch a thousand times and find it suits almost every mood, would be Edward Scissorhands. How can anyone not love Edward's innocence and big heart.

  7. My fave movie is The Princess Bride. But have been dying to introduce my husband to Neverending Story!

  8. I LOVE NeverEnding Story (la-la-la-la-la-la-la - that’s me singing the theme tune!)
    I must have watched it thousands of times, but I have never seen it on the big screen – what a treat! I love it because my sister can pull a face that looks like falkor! If I win I will bring her with me and show you – its very impressive.

    NB: Emily (sister) if you read this I am in no way calling you a flying dog! x


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