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Monday 10 September 2012

Snowden Flood Olympics Mugs

Will you forgive me if I get all Olympic-y for a bit? I'm not ready for it to go just yet, you see. I'd quite like it if the massive Sports Day that London has hosted stuck around a bit longer.

I was as cynical as the every other person in London about whether or not it would be the event we hoped it would be (Mitt Romney, you go away), I'm not really sporty, I don't follow much sport on the telly, but it turns out that we do sports (and fireworks) really, really well. I learned that I quite love archery and amazing jump offs in equestrian events and I went to see the wheelchair basketball final at the weekend. It was magic.
I'd been eying up these Snowden Flood Olympic mugs for a while but wasn't really taken with the idea of buying a sporty souvenir that I won't like very much after the event. But now said event is over, I really want one.

Handily, Liberty have decided that now is the perfect time to reduce the prices down from £10.95 to just a fiver. It's like they can read my thoughts and Google chats. Woohoo!

If, like me, you're a little bit sad about the end of the Olympics then pop over to Liberty and pick one up. A cup of tea in your sporty mug will probably make everything better. Especially if you also buy some sparklers and stand outside in the dark waving them around. It'll be like the torch never went out.

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