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Monday 10 September 2012

Luscious Lingerie: Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty Pretty Things is absolutely my favourite name for a lingerie brand. It's as you'd expect from a luxury lingerie brand: sumptuous silks, lovely lace and prices that are a little too high for my liking. But there's a sale section and I'm in the mood for pretty little things.

This is basically Wonder Woman lingerie. That's the very best lingerie there is. The bra is £47.50 in the sale. Bracelets and tiara are sadly not included. You could take over the world in your pants.

Pink trims, leopard print and a gorgeous shape. This is perfect if I ignore the £85 price tag. Damn.

This is one of those silk chiffon kimono things that has absolutely no purpose. It's not really a cover up, is it? You couldn't answer the door in it. (Well, you could, but it would be all very 'Confessions Of...') and yet I still think it's gorgeous. It's reduced by 50% so it's £87.50 now.

I really like the simplicity of this silk balcony bra is £47.50. It's pretty, it's cute, it's just the right cute. I'm not sure those teeny tiny pants would do anything for my not very teeny tiny ass, but they're £25.

Dirty Pretty Things probably won't beat Mimi Holliday to the top spot on my 'favourite fancy lingerie to buy when it's cheap in the sale' list. But the Wonder Woman lingerie is definitely too fabulous for me to pass up.

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