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Monday 17 September 2012

Fairy tale brooches by Gabrielle Reith

Forget statement jewellery, I prefer pieces that can say a little bit more for itself, you know that tells a story. That's why I adore Gabrielle Reith's brooches that are for sale at Papa Stour. Her range is called Small Stories, with every item based around a fairy tale or piece of folklore.

First off, my favourite fairy tale iconRed Riding Hood. She looks at her most magical in this wooden and acrylic brooch - it's first laser-cut and then hand-painted to make the story book colours. It's available for £25.

A close second is this brooch featuring a shame faced Goldilocks after encountering the bears for the first time. Look at how rosy her cheeks are from all that porridge! This one costs £28.

Though not strictly a story in its own right, no doubt there would be a fox would be lurking in every fairy tale forest. This £22 foxy wooden brooch is the perfect accessory for that M&S fox top.

Take a look at the site to see more brooches and some of Gabrielle's pretty personalised wooden decorations. They'd make perfect gifts for any princess.

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