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Tuesday 18 September 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Ohh Deer

Look lively, you lot. It’s time for us to rebuild our nests for autumn. We must work stoically and swiftly, hunting and gathering everything we need to see us through the long, dark nights ahead. In other words:

Howard by Jamie Mitchell, £30
Ohh Deer is much more than just cushions. It’s a creative conduit for a host of brilliant illustrators, whose work is transformed into prints, t-shirts, notebooks, cards and more – giving us the chance to have a little piece of their artistry in our homes. But let’s get back to cushions, shall we? Good idea. 
Glam Rock by Gemma Correll, £30
This Gemma Correll Glam Rock cushion is adorable, yes? I can’t buy it because it would soon be covered in baked bean juice, but if you’re Elizabeth Hurley or someone equally able to harmoniously coexist with vast expanses of white, I urge you to clear some sofa space for this little guy. 
Bob by Jamie Mitchell, £30
Meet Bob. He’s a polar bear. He’s a polar bear wearing a bobble hat. I’m not sure you need anything else in your life, except perhaps Howard and Zhu. They’re all the work of Jamie Mitchell, who also happens to be the co-founder of Ohh Deer. Round of applause for Jamie, please. 
Woodland by Jack Teagle, £30
Check out Fox Features at the top left of Jack Teagle’s Woodland cushion. PURE EVIL. Those squirrels don’t stand a chance. 
Heroes and Villains by Jack Teagle, £30
I’m a bit obsessed with superheroes at the moment, so this Heroes and Villains design, another Jack Teagle creation, gets two very enthusiastic thumbs-up from me. KAPOW.
Magical Wood by Sandra Dieckmann, £30
Sandra Deickmann’s Magical Wood cushion is indeed magical. In fact, I’m struggling to imagine a more magical wood. I’m also struggling to stop it falling into my shopping basket. 

So I guess you’ll be needing a new sofa to showcase all these marvellous cushions, won’t you? 

I’ll just leave this here.
Truly mind-boggling Nicolas Cage sofa, hopefully not An Actual Thing (via Neatorama)

You’re welcome. 

DISCLAIMER: Ohh Deer is in no way responsible for the Nicolas Cage sofa.


  1. I love that you've introduced the tag "Nic Cage Sofa". I will endeavour to use that in future.

  2. NIC CAGE SOFA. That's made my morning.


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