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Friday 28 September 2012

Martini Movies

After our screening of The NeverEnding Story earlier this week, I've got a bit of a cinema bug. I would like to watch all of the films, in the dark, with a drink. But the thing about the cinema is that by the time I get out of an evening, I'm so hungry that I could eat my own arm and all of the nice restaurants have shut. I'm usually left eating a dirty pasty on the train home.

Martini Movies at London's One Aldwych is the answer.

The screenings are pretty early - films start at 6:30 (or 5pm on a Sunday) and they've got a pretty good season coming up. They're starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this weekend but the schedule seems to be of the 'easy going block busters that you thought about going to see but missed because you were busy and the Great British Bake Off was on'. They've even got some Christmas specials planned and they throw in popcorn.

So what makes these screenings so special? Well they'll serve you a Grey Goose martini and then when the film has finished, you're treated to a three-course meal in the hotel restaurant. This is cinema worth dressing up for.

Martini Movies are priced at £42.50, with martini and dinner included in the price. This is the definitely my kind of cinema.


  1. For any Sluts in Scotland there's a place in Glasgow that does a similar sort of screening of certain films. Blytheswood Square is showing Pretty Woman and Ghost this weekend - tickets are £27 and you get 2 cocktails and a selection of canapes thrown in. It's a really lovely way to watch a film!

  2. The Grosvenor Cinema on Ashton Lane in Glasgow do Food & Film nights, too. It's £50 for two people (bottle of wine included!), or £60 if you want to sit on the sofa. The Lane bar is a great place to retire to, after the film.



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