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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Eau Minerale

I don't drink enough water. I don't really know anyone who does. I drink tea and fizzy drinks and sometimes beer (sometimes all in the same day, while pretending to reply to emails), but never enough water. I think these Eau Minerale glasses from Rose & Grey might tempt me to a glass of the clear stuff.

It's such a simple piece of design, one that I'd probably ignore if the motif was in English. Suddenly you whack a bit of French on some glassware and suddenly I'm all over it like a costume past cher (that's a cheap suit). Yes, I'm playing around with Google Translate. Je suis très prévisible.

The lovely water glasses won't improve your French, but they might up your hydration levels throughout the day. They're only £3.74. Parfait!


  1. That's the bad thing about working from home, I suppose. I drink more water than I do anything else, because we bottle our own mineral water in the office (so it's really cold and the freshest water I've ever tasted) and the walk to get more makes a great break from the monotony of desk-bound work.

    1. I don't work from home! Domestic Sluttery is based in an office. But I still don't feel that I drink enough water. There are three teacups on my desk, but no water glasses.


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