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Monday 10 September 2012

Jersey Pottery Do The Sardine Run

Sardines are a bit love/hate when it comes to eating them. I love them, most people I know hate them. Those haterz could probably be won round with this Sardine Run range from Jersey Pottery seeing as you don't eat them and get to admire how pretty they are. At first glance, it isn't immediately obvious that there's a fish in the pattern, let alone a whole school of them. The pattern is based on Vietnamese pottery and named after the Sardine Run off the coast of South Africa where gigantic schools gather. And then get fished or eaten by sharks.

I think I'd find myself quite hypnotised if I had this charger on my table. I love it though. It's £20.80. The pitcher in the picture above is £28.32.

Not sure you want your ceramics covered in sardines? They've put the pattern on denim place mats too. The beauty of them being denim is that they'll fade and wear just like a pair of favourite jeans. I like that. They're £10.40.
I think my absolute favourite is the glass worktop protector. Look at the poor little sardine making a break for it! He'll never survive on his own! I know, I've watched Blue Planet! For £20.82, I could save him.
All prices are exclusive of VAT (something to do with them being in Jersey I think) so this will get added on at the checkout. Standard UK delivery is £6.


  1. What a good find! I know some seaside based friends that would love love love these

  2. The jug is stunning. Excellent find!


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