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Thursday 20 September 2012

Tall Girl Treat: Amber & Jade AW2012

Ingrid Antique, £160
 "I'm just going to leave this here," I wrote on my colleague's wife's Facebook page, posting a link to Amber & Jade's Autumn Orchard collection. We've only met in the flesh twice, but the fact that we both have size 9 feet has meant swapping a lot of tips on where to buy shoes.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooo pretty!" was the reply. And indeed, mine as well. I've been living in both pairs of my Aretha heels since buying them last year, and there are a lot of inspiring shoes to choose from in this season's set. They're all available in sizes 9-13, which is marvellous - I met a size 9 girl at Fashion Week on Monday who was squeezed into a size 8 which made me so sad I wanted to scream - and I've picked out my highlights.

I love lace-up boots, and the Ingrid Antiques picture above are also available in black, and in three widths.
Abigail Monochrome, £79
I'm afraid to say that I did a sort of cross between a grizzle, a wail and a squeal when I saw these houndstooth mid-heels.

I love them. But do I love them more than these SUPERHERO heels?

Anne Tangerine, £84
LOOK AT THEM! Those criss-crosses are utterly X-Men worthy. Orange is a surprisingly brilliant colour for a redhead, and that 2.5" heel is high enough to feel swanky without setting your average six-footer enormously off-balance.
Anne Onyx, £84
They are also available in a more sober, but still fabulous, black. I can vouch for the comfort of these shoes as this is pretty much the exact cone heel that was on last year's Aretha. In fact, the whole shoe looks pretty much identical, bar the wooden effect on the orange variant, and that lovely criss-cross.

There's more brogues, flats and pretty things to peer at, so off you go and enjoy. The good news for London girls is that their pop-up shop is open for the whole of October directly opposite Richmond station, so you can go and be fitted personally by A&J mastermind Catherine. And if you go during late opening on Thursdays, you can have a glass of fizz and something to snack on while you shop. Happy days, ladies!

PS - need to tart up your shoe wardrobe? You need our encyclopaedic directory of where to buy size 9-13 shoes.

1-31 October, 9am-5pm Mon to Saturday except Thursday 9am-9pm. 'Start-Up Britain' Shop, 2 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2NQ

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  1. OMG THOSE BOOTS. You need them immediately. Heck, I need them.


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