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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Taking the cake (home)

We've solved the problem of how to carry cupcakes to and from your office, but what about when you only want an individual slice of cake? Sure, you can go down the tin foil route, but you'll get more frosting on the foil than you do in your mouth. And that's not good.

These little cake boxes from Cox & Cox are really cute. Of course, they're designed for weddings and special occasions, but I'd be more than happy to use these with my homemade Victoria sponge. They're £6 for ten and come in three very pretty colours.


  1. That's so clever! Perfect for when I want to take some cake home from my Gran's.

  2. Genius! I love this idea - and I've never really cracked the cupcake carrier thing either so maybe I'll start on cakes instead.


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