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Friday 11 November 2011

Birthday Booze Gifts

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm going to be spending the day in the pub playing boardgames and sulking if anyone beats me at Scrabble (I'm also hoping that someone brings Hungry Hippos, that's such a good game). And I can't lie: there might be a drink or seven throughout the day. There aren't many birthday presents better than booze. I'm usually pretty happy when someone puts a drink in front of me, especially if given with hugs. But there are some booze gifts that are even better than a pint in a pub.

Brew Dog Equity for Punks

It's not really a secret that some of the Domestic Sluts (myself included) would rather have a pint than a cocktail. If you've got beer gifts to buy, how about a share in their very own beer company? Brew Dog's Equity for Punks means that you will own part of the brewery, get invited to shareholders meetings (I've been reliably informed that it's not unlike a piss-up in a brewery). You'll also get a lifetime discount on beer, and earn money as the company grow. Four shares are currently just £95.

Naked Wines Angel Scheme

The Angel Scheme at Naked Wines means that you put your money into independent vineyards. £20 a month will save you money, get your gift recipient cashback on their orders and save 25% on what the buy. They'll even get free samples from new suppliers and know that their gift is helping go to produce the wine that they're drinking. It's a great present for wine lovers who don't want to sign up to a club - they can opt out when they like.

A Dram in Time

Whisky from A Dram in Time isn't the speediest of gifts, so if you're recipient is one of those 'give it to me now' snatchy present people, it's probably not for them. But if your whisky-lover wants something amazing down the track, this is a really unusual idea. You buy the whisky while it's still maturing - it won't actually be ready until 2015. You get a certificate that's redeemable (hopefully an email to remind you as well) and then you get to cash in for a special bottle. It's only £30 a bottle.

Now that's a much better present than just buying someone a martini, don't you think?

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