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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Dream Dress: Pretty in Purple

I know it's a classic, but I've never really been a fan of the little black dress. Actually, I only own one LBD and I rarely wear it. I'm a colour girl. Once the weather gets absolutely bloody freezing a bit cooler, I go for bright jewel colours. It's going to be hard for me to choose between these purple dresses.

God I love this shape. This purple dress is basically just oozing sexiness. It's £45 from Miss Selfridge. There's a Miss Selfridge by Sluttery HQ. It's entirely likely that I'll have bought this within the hour. The contrasting fabric and draping is just yummy.

The Deco cut out details on this purple shift dress is gorgeous. It's from Warehouse and it's £55. Mega-flattering sleeves as well.

Mmmm, lovely lovely colour blocking. Well done Dotty Ps, this dress is £42 of prettiness.

Just LOOK AT THE SLEEVES on this dress. I want to shake them in your faces. This is just £26 from ASOS. That's £13 per fabulous sleeve.


  1. The first one beats the others hands down!

  2. I agree - it's too strictly to be true! I may just have to buy it - it's pay day so it'd be rude not too!


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