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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Eteaket Tea

Eteaket is both an online purveyor of fine teas and a boutique tea shop in Edinburgh. They are on a mission to bring ethically sourced, high quality to tea to Britain and inspire a passion for excellence in tea. A cause which I am certainly supportive of. 

I was sent 4 different types of tea to sample, each with a unique flavour. Firstly, the Big Red Rooibos is a robust red bush tea with the distinctive earthy taste of rooibos and slightly sweet aftertaste. With no caffeine and plenty of antioxidants, this is a perfect bedtime tea.

The Cranberry Apple Riot is a fruit infusion with fantastic aroma and a balanced fruity flavour. I'm not really a fruit infusion kind of girl, but if you are, this might be the one for you.

The Blooming Marvellous Green tea is a blend of green tea leaves with floral buds, petals and vanilla. The result is a rather floral tasting tea which I imagine would have the marmite effect for most people. For those that will love it, this green tea has a clean palette and fresh aftertaste.

Finally, my favourite of the bunch, the Chocolate Abyss. The name alone is already a winner for me but this has to be the first black tea I have actually drunk without milk and I was not left reeling with bitter aftertastes. Instead, this delicious blend has deep chocolate overtones but is light enough to leave a clean palette afterwards. 

I do think that tea is probably like wine, different people will find different notes, highlights, flavours in the tea. But in all of these teas I noticed a higher quality of taste than my usual bog-standard teabag. I would recommend checking out Eteaket's website for a wide range of teas to suit different tastes. And they even have handy little guides next to each tea detailing the levels of strength, caffeine and antioxidants and the best time of day in which to enjoy the tea. Tasty and informative - two of my favourite things.

Prices range from £2.49 to £6.49 for loose leaf tea.


  1. Heh, the floral tea tastes 'floral' Awesome.

    It all looks very, very pretty. I wish I could move past Twinings Everyday Tea.

  2. The Blooming Marvellous Green Tea looks pretty enough, without it being drinkable aswell. Fanbloomingtastic < see what I did there?

  3. Siany - ahh maaan....I have such a way with words.

    I honestly wasn't sure if I could move beyond my builders tea, but this was such a refreshing change. It's worth a try.

    Butteredcrumpet - I see, and like, what you did there.

  4. I have the chocolate tea and the caramel rooibos, they are lovely. I'm running out so must order more. Great place to go visit too :-)


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