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Monday 28 November 2011

Brilliant baubles

I have been told that I must start thinking about Christmas. Even though it's not December yet. So I've been playing Mariah Carey all through Sluttery HQ this morning in the hope that I'll find some Christmas cheer. it's worked! I might not like early festivities, but I do like baubles and buy a special one each year (in the hope that I might soon replace my collection from Asda). Here are some festive trinkets for when you put your tree up this weekend. If it's already up, I'm totally judging you.

I do like these acorn baubles from Graham & Green (but then, I pretty much like everything from G&G). Last week I stayed in a hotel in Cyprus that had festive squirrels on the tree. I approve. They're £3.95.

I know it's £14.95, but as I only buy one Christmas bauble a year and this one if bone China, my brain is playing Christmas tricks on me and I want it. It's part of the Reiko Kaneko range at Bouf.

I liked striped anything, and these stripy John Lewis baubles are no exception. Turns out you can win over my cold not-ready-for-Christmas heart with a bit of stripe and glitter action. They're £2.50.

I'm not often a fan of 'tasteful' at Christmas. If something doesn't have a crap load of tinsel all over it, I don't think it's festive at all. But I do think these baubles from Storm in a Teacup at Culture Label might help class up my erm... 'artfully' decorated tree.

It took me a long time to decide between Christmas penguins and Christmas black swans. But the penguins win. I'm blaming Frozen Planet. They're £12 for 12 from the V&A.


  1. I buy one bauble a year too (so far I have five tree decorations) and am now tempted to buy one this year even though I miss the tree this year (boo!) and some of these are quite appealing - thank you!

  2. You're welcome! So many people seem to buy one a year - it's a lovely tradition.


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