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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Sluttery Travels: Wendy 'The Aberporth Express', Wales

It can't be a secret by now that I really like trains. Now I've stumbled upon Wendy, 'The Aberporth Express' in beautiful Cardigan Bay and I want to pack up snuggly sweaters and head there immediately. She's perched on a clifftop!

The converted Edwardian railway carriage is decked out with oak (and erm, a rather ugly curtain). It'll be the perfect place for snuggling on windy evening.

And you can fish for mackerel and sea bass from these rocks and then cook them on the stove, which sounds all sorts of fun (I did a lot of fishing when I was a kid). There's even a dining compartment for you to enjoy your catch in. I also hear a rumour of seeing bottle-nosed dolphins! I've seen dolphins off the Welsh coast before, they're definitely around the bay.

You get the wonderful countryside and beachy views, and the carriage sleeps five. It's a gorgeous little retreat, just as beautiful in the winter as the summer.

Prices are very reasonable indeed, you'll pay for the carriage rather than per person and it'll cost you between £207 and £387 for a 2-night stay booking through Under The Thatch. If you stay off peak, you could be paying as little as £20.70 a night.

And you get to stay on a train.


  1. This had me grinning away like a loon until I saw the picture of the fireplace and for a moment I thought they were burning books! On second glance, they are clearly logs, but my goodness, my poor little Librarian heart nearly gave up on me!

    I am deffo paying this train a visit.

  2. Gosh they do look like books, don't they?!


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