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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Prints Charming

A friend of mine has just moved into a very swanky new flat. It's all modern, with lots of huge windows and city views and bright white white walls. It's rather lovely. But the landlord has decided that the best way to decorate is with those awful flower print canvases. So because they're ruining his new flat vibe, I promised that I'd have a look for some replacement prints that won't cost a fortune.

I can't take credit for finding this fabulous poster. It was on Conversation Pieces yesterday and it's just brilliant. It's a reprint from a 1916 war poster and just £6.99 from the Imperial War Museum. I fear that the Domestic Sluts would be very unpatriotic during a war.

This Kim Hiorthoy poster is red, or orangey red or possibly a grey peach like colour. It's brilliant and it's £9.99 from Magma.

Mr.PS' designs always look cool. This fish 'n' chip print is £30. There's a pick 'n' mix one too.

Argh! A bat hanging upside down! Yeah, I want him immediately. He's £42 (unframed) from Bodie & Fou. He needs a new home. One that doesn't have floral canvases on the walls.


  1. Love that war poster. The Domestic Sluts would all be locked up for treason *looks sadly at glittery shoes*

  2. Oh, if we were queens we'd positively celebrate glittery shoes.

  3. Taste is very objective.

  4. Actually Anon, taste is subjective.


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