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Thursday 10 November 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Playful Promises

Usually, we only let Cocktail Nick get involved in our drinks cabinet. But, he is a man of excellent taste so when he insisted that I cast my eye over the sexy boutique Playful Promises, I was impressed.

This pretty heart bra is just £19. Shoes not included.

I'm not sure that bra sizes small, medium and large are particularly helpful to anyone, but I'd class this as bedroom underwear rather than something you'll wear all the time. The retro bra is £45 and the large briefs are £30.

This satin playsuit is cute and just £35. Although it will make late-night sleepy bathroom trips a tad more difficult.

The detailing on this waspie is beautiful. It's £80. I'd also quite like that lampshade. Interiors and sexy lingerie in the same photo tick all of my happy boxes.

Playful Promises also do a clothing range, and stock (not so sexy) shoes. There's all sorts of sexy stuff to peruse while you're pretending to work.

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