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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Sluttery Travels: 10 George Street, York

I've never been to York but it's one of those places that you hear only good things about. Everyone tells me that I simply must visit, and after spying the sexy pile of bricks at 10 George Street I think I might just.

It might look like a sexy hotel, but the accommodation is self-catering. It sleeps six, with three very beautiful bedrooms.

Swish, isn't it?

It's special and quirky rather than too over the top.

And of course the bathroom is swanky too.

If 10 George Street was a small hotel, it would cost you hundreds for a night. Instead, you get to stay in the heart of York for pittance. The property will cost you £560 for two nights via Chic Retreats. Between six of you, it's just £46.67 per person per night.


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