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Monday 14 November 2011

Sofa, so good: Cushion cover-up

Moving house is, as we all know, a complete money pit and you spend more cash than you can ever even imagine.  In our case, expenditure included hiring a proper removal company, rather than seventeen trips in a Streetvan (the same fortnight we were getting married) which would probably have resulted in me spending another fortune on shoes to deal with the stress of it all. As we were intending to leave our old sofa behind as part of the deal for our buyers, and also because it wouldn't really fit out the door, we were thrilled when our vendor serendipitously offered us a sofa. Score!  Something we wouldn't have to spend money on!

Except our new sofa is a hideous, pleather-covered monstrosity.  And eye-wateringly uncomfortable to boot. It doesn't really fit two people on it either. My first instinct, as my credit card was weeping, was to try to disguise the situation with cushions.

The Eye Test Cushion from John Lewis, £25 was one of our favourite wedding presents. I'd also like to get my mitts on this Treecloud knitted cushion from SCP, even if it does kind of look like something that a hipster made from a thrifted jumper.

It's £67 which is a bit eeeek, but it's 100% wool, and comes with a duck feather pad inside it. Squishy comfyness.   Then for a burst of fun, what about this starry number by Babyface? It's actually meant for a little boy's bedroom but I won't tell if you won't.  It's hand-appliqued and £20.

The upshot was that we realised that cushions, however pretty, weren't going to cut it. Instead we brought our giant beanbag downstairs and we've been making do with that instead. Not so grown-up. Increased likelihood of spilling wine as we roll off the damn thing. It takes up most of the floor space.

But it beats a numb bum every time.

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  1. Very nice. And the gold cushions are the perfect highlights!


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