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Monday 21 November 2011

Pretty Recipe Cards

Here at Domestic Sluttery we love the handwritten word. It is one of our favourite things. And it struck me recently that I no longer write out my favourite recipes like I used to. Now they languish in a virtual folder on my computer, how boring. I look back fondly to my scribbled scraps of paper covered in recipes and notes and haphazardly stuck into my recipe folder (a real life one that is) - it was not exactly a beautiful collection. So with finding these gorgeous recipe cards at Papermash I have pledged to improve the recipe collection situation, and bring back handwritten recipes to my life.

These beautifully designed recipe cards are designed by the fantastic Rifle and Co. who never fail to impress with their whimsical and lovely designs. A pack of 12 delightful cards cost £8.95.

And what better way to present and store your recipe cards than these awesome recipe boxes. (Friends and loved ones, please note that these are probably on my Christmas/Birthday wish list.)


  1. Ooooo, I love recipe cards! I'm planning on making my own as Christmas presents for my mum and sister :)

  2. That is an excellent idea for a Christmas present - I love handmade pressies too.


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