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Friday 25 November 2011

Novelty Christmas Jumpers Ahoy!

I am just wild for novelty sweaters. I don't own many, because I am attempting to stop my wardrobe from turning into a place where knitwear turns feral, but little cheers me more than wearing my ancient eBay-acquired French Connection jumper to work and eating a mince pie while doing so.

Topshop has got three excellent examples in this week - tall girls can get the reindeer one - which gives me the perfect excuse to show you some of my favourites.

Knitted penguin jumper, £50

A friend of mine, and long-term reader of this site, Helen, has had a reputation as a penguin hater ever since she failed to see the appeal of March of the Penguins. If I seriously up my present budget, she will be getting this jumper as a sardonic LOL.

Knitted reindeer jumper, £50

Oh Rudolph. You look so surprised. This concerns me quite a bit. As does the fact that by looking down, your expression will likely come across as judgment once the inevitable Christmas tum appears.

Knitted Xmas snowman jumper, £50

I love this jumper, but have copied the item description verbatim here so that I can disapprove of it. Xmas? I hate the word Xmas almost as much as my grandma loathes Season's Greetings in Christmas cards. Are Topshop's copywriters really so busy that typing in a few extra letters could seriously hamper their chances of a Christmas bonus? (Coincidentally, Crismus Bonus is one of my favourite names in Asterix)
Christmas in Vermont wool reindeer crew, Gant, £150

I've been coveting this jumper from afar for weeks now, and, because it costs eleventy hundred pounds, am unlikely to get any closer to it. I love Gant. My mum occasionally gives me their socks for Christmas. This is from their menswear section - the women's knitwear has some decent festive knits, but they're all a bit too classy and polonecky for my liking.

If you want some serious Christmas giggles, head over to the marvellous Christmas Jumper. They just seem to have a whale of a time making novelty knits: each jumper comes with several fairly rubbish pictures of a member of staff wearing the jumper and grinning away, WHICH I LOVE.

The price is reasonable, and there are tons of different sorts from Father Christmas outfits to their prime novelty knitting which are all named things like Granissimo and Crazy Granny. You can also get kids jumpers, and mittens on a string. Utterly marvellous.

Ho ho ho!


  1. Gah! Penguins! I hate penguins! (except in Frozen Planet and Surf's Up)

  2. I think after today's tragic falling over incident I will not punish you further by getting you a penguin jumper.

  3. I want them all. And I'd wear them when it wasn't Christmastime.

  4. It upsets me that today I am only wearing my hipster nerdigan and not my eBay jumper. And that I gave away my Topshop discount card to a friend because I wasn't letting myself buy anything before December (probably quite sensible, but still)

  5. Penguins are my favouritest animal ^_^ especially the baby ones! They're all ickle and fluffy, how could anyone hate them?! May I also direct you to this (just looking at it makes me feel all mushy inside)

  6. Why oh why do companies like Top Shop not employ designers for thir Christmas knitwear instead of stealing designs belonging to other honest designers. In this case compare the Snowman and Pebguin jumpers on sale at Top Shop with the original designs belonging to The Christmas Jumper Shop and spot the difference. I am realy getting hacked of with companies stealing our designs and getting cheap knok offs made. If they can`t design thir own then get out of the market and give honest companies a break.

  7. Hi David - whoah. That's not good at all. Have you spoken to them about it?


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