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Friday 18 November 2011

The Saddest, Awesomest Jumper In The World

This is possibly the best jumper I own.

It is both incredibly cute, and, in the immortal word(s) of Pop Justice's work experience robot Dumper, sosad.

Impossible Love sweatshirt, £45, NewBreed Girl

Doesn't it just make you want to hug the balloon and the cactus? If this jumper, or indeed jumpers full stop, had been around in Shakespeare's time, Romeo and Juliet might have been very different.

This sweatshirt is oversized so bear that in mind. It's for snuggling and slouching - the large is supposedly a 12, but fits more like a 14-16.


  1. That jumper makes my eyes flash.

  2. I love New Breed tops. They make me happy.

  3. Awww. But the price is sad for paupers like me too.

  4. That's cute, but the design is totally leeched from this Threadless teeshirt :/

  5. Or at least, based heavily upon it

  6. Or vice versa, Anon. No mud-slinging around these parts - you don't know which design came first.

    In any case, I prefer this one.

  7. It's cute but... :( Sosad!

    And then you mentioned Dmuper too...*cries* I had to unfollow him as his tweets genuinely upset me. I need to grow a pair.


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