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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Sluttery Travels: Rough Luxe, London

Rough Luxe is nothing if not a surprise. Located in Kings Cross, the location is perfect. And here's something that no one tells you about the area when you come to stay: unless you can afford to stay at the Grand, the area is pretty crap. It's a bit shady, the pubs are rubbish and there's barely a decent place to eat. You don't come to Kings Cross for fun, you're usually here because you're trying to get somewhere else.

They've been around a while now and Rough Luxe want to change that, but without going over the top. Taking their name quite literally, they mix the rough with the luxurious. Meaning that you've got a bit of a gem in an area that's lacking in them. But, if you're on a budget you can stay here as well. Best of both worlds? I think so.

I love that bath. This is shabby chic done very well indeed.

You get to choose if you want a shared bathroom or an en suite - and that's where you start saving yourself some money. Share a bathroom and you'll pay £179 rather than £229. You choose the level of luxury. Want nice wine? You can pay a bit more. Better bed linen. It's all yours. Totally up to you.

They serve up an excellent breakfast, they've got some really unusual art and while there are probably cheaper hotels in the area, please trust me when I say that you won't find anything as glam around here. This is bit of luxe in a bit of rough.

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