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Tuesday 15 November 2011

London Belongs to Me

Summer in the city is somewhat overrated: all those sticky tubes, undercooked meat at barbecues and fighting for a spot outside. Then, just when I think I'm finally done with London, the season switches and, all of a sudden, it's won my heart back. It's arguably at this time of year when it looks at its most beautiful, its parks coloured in red and orange, a city filled with the lovely lights of cosy pubs and enticing shops. Here are a few things that tap into my current love for London: things that mark my adventures in the big city, or else help inspire them.

For all explorers of London the red bus means freedom, and the joy of watching a whole city speed (okay mostly crawl) past your window. These bus lights from the London Transport Museum sum of some of that sense of freedom. And then, when you're done exploring, they can light up those dark evenings in your house. They're £39.99.

This worktop saver by Joseph Joseph has got to be one of the cutest things that honours London life, from pies to pigeons, the tube to tower bridge, use it as your eye spy guide to the big city. It costs £16 from Selfridges.

These Michelle Mason tumblers and mugs honour the prettiest of London scenes. While I doubt I'll ever be able to afford to live in one of the gorgeous townhouses she depicts, they do remind me of one of my favourite things about being in the city at this time of year - the walking past of such houses in the early evening when their lights are on but the curtains not yet drawn and having a good old gawp through the window. The joys. Made from melamine, they're perfect for drinking a spot of hot cider while on a late night escapade. They're £7.99 each.

And finally, to inspire more London adventures, I recommend you pick up a copy of the Autumn issue of Lost in London magazine. Their motto is Living Simply in the City and it extols the virtues of some of the simplest pleasure London has to offer, from walks to craft projects to tasty autumnal picnics. The magazine comes out quarterly, with each change of season and costs £10. It's one of the prettiest ways to see the city with new eyes.


  1. I am leaving London soon and my heart is breaking. So is my credit card, because I am trying to fill the void with London-themed things. This post has not helped. *covets everything*

  2. If I wasn't homesick before, I am now *sob*.

  3. These are all so beautiful. Excellent finds, Frances.


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