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Monday 14 November 2011

Fenella Smith Dachshund Mug

I've always been more of a cat person than a dog person. Ever since looking after Gail's kitties while she was honeymooning, I've been itching to get one of my own. I've never really had that with dogs. But, if there was one dog that could change my mind, it would be the dachshund.

Fenella Smith knows what I mean. She's put an insanely cute dachshund onto a white mug, turning it into an insanely cute dachshund mug. Sausage dogs rule the dog part of my brain. Especially with their little legs and their running, and their funny ears. All of those things improve crockery ten-fold. The mug is £16. That's a lot of sausage dog for your money.

Can I have a dachshund for Christmas, please?


  1. This is adorable! You'd probably have to get a pair though, just so you can always display them like in the picture.

  2. That's true. He'd also look very fun on a set of plates going around a table.

  3. If I did not own may mugs with animals on them already I would buy four of these so I could have them displayed like this. Love this mug.


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