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Monday 14 November 2011

Sluttery Travels: Crownhill Fort, Plymouth

One of the very best things about looking for unusual places to holiday in the UK is all of the history. Usually it involved battles and kings and queens and this stuff basically rocks my travelling socks. Crownhill Fort was built in 1860 to protect ships from a land attack. And to me, that basically means PIRATES. Nowadays, it means a really awesome place to stay.

Unusually for the Landmark Trust holiday destinations, the grounds are open to the public at the weekends (rightly so, it's pretty spectacular). But it does mean that you'll have company while you're there. But that's OK - it's not exactly the right place for a cosy getaway. It sleeps eight and there's so much space for fun (and hide and seek).

The Domestic Sluts would have a field day in this kitchen.

Gosh I want to cosy up in here. It's pretty and snuggly and wintery and practically screaming out for lazy Sunday mornings.

OK, so you don't get your own bedroom. But that's OK. Go with friends instead of loved-up couples. And play poker on that nice big table.

It's a very cheap place to stay as well. If you book through Landmark Trust, you're looking at around £400 for four nights for the eight of you. Less if you're lucky. TWELVE POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE PER NIGHT. I've paid more for a cocktail in London. My mind is blown. I'm plotting a trip here immediately. You're going to have to get in line.


  1. I have lived here for 6 years and had no clue that this place existed!

    1. Haha, it's quite big! You can walk around even if you don't stay - go have a look and then pop home for a cuppa.


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