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Tuesday 15 November 2011

A Tight Seam

As much as I love the look of stockings and suspenders, they're an utter faff. They're a pain to put on and my seams go wonky, the hooks twang when you sit down, I've never found hold-ups that actually do anything of the 'up' variety. And going to the loo is all sorts of complicated. Basically, stockings look good for the five minutes before I leave the house. By the time I've got to the bus stop, I'm pulling and fidgeting with them and wishing I'd worn trousers. My answer is suspender tights. They look the same and no one need know that you're cheating.

I absolutely adore these seamed suspender tights. The problem with tights is that they never look all that sexy once you're getting undressed. The is no seductive way to get yourself out of black opaques. But these look hot. They're £14.95.

Usually fishnets stocking don't do it for me, but I like the contrasting panel on these. They would look great with a little black dress. They're £15.

These love seams are cute. You don't need anything fancy with them, they're just slightly nodding to quirky. And no twanging suspender straps. They're only £7.99.

All of these are from My Tights, the online shop that's going to get me out of my black opaques rut, as well as ensuring I don't fall over in a public loo cubicle trying to straighten my seams*.

*never happened. Honest.

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