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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Bling It With a Ring

I like my rings like I like my cuppa…big, bold and lairy. In my mind, if you are going to wear a ring, make a song and dance about it. I don’t have time for small and cute. I want my rings with balls. Or at least lots of shiny.

Whilst waiting for a delayed train at a London railway station I spent some time perusing the tiny Accessorize shop there and found some lovely big cocktail rings to covet. 

This India Statement ring is vintage inspired glam. I like the fan detail and interesting teardrop shape, and it is a great party season accessory. Priced at £14.

The Apollo Crystal statement ring, at £15, can be matched with any outfit and would easily be my daytime 'loud' ring. Did I mention I like them over the top?

A more subtle statement ring is the Ivy ring incorporating a lovely leaf design but with plenty of sparkle. And it's big! Bargain for a tenner!

And finally, the Zeus Shield ring which is all kinds of big, loud and lairy. This one is placed rather high on my current wish list right now and for only £15 I am hoping that Santa is kind this year.


  1. I'm mad on cocktail rings at the moment. M&S have a nice range.

  2. Sadly my fingers always end up green with Accessorize jewellery. I do coat the "metal" in clear nail varnish but that rubs off after a while and my hands look manky!

  3. That is a major issue with cheap jewellery. Sadly if we were to buy diamond versions of these they'd cost thousands.

    Corazie, I can only suggest sticking to the silver metal - much less likely to make your fingers green. Or, go all 20s and wear over little gloves.


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